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Economic Stimulus Check

by frugalista on June 5, 2008

By now, some of you have gotten your economic stimulus check. What did you do with it? I had a lofty goal of putting all $600 on the credit card. Not so much. More like $400. I swear, the check got gobbled up somewhere between filling up my gas tank and food. Seriously. The good thing about having the money was that it was a stress-free month. The worrisome thing is that the check was a treat. It’s not my salary. I need to step my frugal capitalist behavior game up. More cutting back, more income.
The New York Times and Associated Press ran some pretty nice stories about where consumers are spending the money. It’s not on mall runs, trust.

Did you get an economic stimulus check? If so, did you spend it as planned? How did you spend the money?

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