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$$$FREE MONEY$$$$ *update*

by frugalista on June 20, 2008

After a dreary week, I am thrilled to post happy news. Real Simple magazine wrote a little tidbit about unclaimed cash. In the United States, there’s about $33 billion worth of unclaimed money in state treasuries. Find out if some of that lonely cash is yours.  Check out unclaimed.org and find your state. Type in your name and see if you have an old check or a bank account balance that you had no idea about.

I know I have a lot of Canadian and British readers. If there are similar websites in your countries, please let me know and I’ll update the post.

After going to your state’s website, do you have any unclaimed property? If you do, what will you do with the loot? 

I really want everyone to have a great weekend and thanks for all of your support this week.

**UPDATE** Canadians can click here  for unclaimed property.

Thanks Cookie for the tip!

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