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Frugal Capitalist

by frugalista on June 3, 2008

Frugal_pig The blogsphere is abuzz about Frugal Capitalists, people who cut back expenses and make it a point to earn more money. While, I enjoy not wasting money, I have been doing things lately to earn more cash. It’s not enough just to cut out expenses like dining and getting regular manicures. If you really want to make moves, you have to also earn more money.

I’ve been side hustlin’, doing more freelance articles like this one. Sure, I have to pay taxes on the money, but I still come out ahead. Because I’m not running the streets as much, I have more time to complete projects that earn income.

Bloggers Afrobella  and $ out of $.15 posted on side hustles, recently.

Are you a frugal capitalist? Do you think Americans chase dollars too much? Do you have side jobs to earn income? If so, let me know!

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