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How Rich Are You?

by frugalista on June 4, 2008

Money_bags So, we had a spirited debate yesterday about American wealth and how we opt to spend our money. I admitted that I’m a frugal capitalist, cutting expenses and actively earning more money so I can live the life I want. It’s always best to live within your means, but sometimes you want to have more means.

I ran across this calculator that calculates where your wealth stands in relation to the rest of the world. It’s the Global Rich List. True, we don’t live in a third world country, but it still shows that even our stressed finances are still pretty opulent.  Let me know where your salary puts you on the Global Rich List. I am in the top 1.14% of rich folks in the world. Freaky, right? Just don’t show this list to your bosses. They will start thinking you are over paid!

How rich are you?  Comment early and often, please!

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