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Lay Offs, Buyouts, Staff Reductions

by frugalista on June 17, 2008

Yesterday was quite a day for me.  The Miami Herald announced staff reductions.   A lot of us will have to go. Some people can leave voluntarily. Others must leave. One person has to leave from my reporter class. It will go by seniority, so I am in a good position. But we will know by next Wednesday how it all works out.  We’ve had buyouts before. It’s the economy and our industry. We knew they were coming soon.  The blogosphere was alive with speculation since last month.

If you are facing layoffs/buyouts, here are some tips about what you should do with your finances. If you need to make a quick buck, here are some tips.

Here is an earlier post I did about what to do if you are laid off from work.

Are you facing buyouts? If so, do you have an exit strategy? How do you rebound after losing your job?

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