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Work Expenses

by frugalista on June 24, 2008

I always have work-related expenses. As a journalist, I drive around, chasing stories, burning gas and wearing and tearing my car. I have to pay for copies of public records requests. I pay for parking while I’m at stories. I use my cell phone to check in with editors. Now ask me am I diligent and file for reimbursements from the company? Not like I should. Meh! When your life gets so hectic, you tend to forget to sweat the small stuff, like that 15-mile drive you did for work. But, it all adds up. I noticed a big difference in my bank account when I’m filing my expenses weekly.

For all the mouthiness about gas prices and inflation, sometimes people-especially those of us who have reimbursable work expenses-need to do our financial part to stay afloat. It’s much better to be tedious with your records. Your bank account will thank you. I talked to a coworker who is a frugalist normally. The man brings his lunch to work everyday and he drinks the free coffee. But he admits he’s probably let about $2,000 worth of work expenses fritter through his fingers.

I’m writing this post because the end of the month is near, and I have to play catch up with my expenses. If I don’t file now, my company won’t accept the receipts/paperwork in July. FOCUS FRUGALISTA!

Do you have expenses for work? Do you submit for reimbursement in a timely fashion? How much have you subsidized your company by not filing for expenses?

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