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Americans waste $155 billion in food a year

by frugalista on July 29, 2008

While at home, I watched a CBS special on how American families waste about $1,200 worth of food a year. I could totally relate. I find myself tossing my salad in a bag sooner than I’d like. I forget about that yogurt in the back of the refrigerator that I bought in bulk and on sale. Unless I cook everyday (which I should), I end up tossing some food. It needs to stop. If I had a son in his teens, I’m sure food waste wouldn’t be a concern. However, I cook for me, and I try to eat healthy. Fresh produce is great…if you eat it before it goes bad. heheh. Trust, I have no plans to become a freegan, but there are ways to stop wasting food!

Some of the tips in the article on how to stop wasting food:
*Avoid buying food in bulk
*Shop on Thursday because you will be around on the weekend to cook. (I agree. I’m an excellent weekend cook. I’m relaxed and creative on the weekends. On Monday nights, not so much)
*Arrange your refrigerator so that the oldest goods are in the front.

What are your tips for not wasting food, especially produce? Do you waste food in your refrigerator? Do you clean your plate? Can busy Americans find ways to not waste produce?  How do you cook for a small family and save money? Is it possible?

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