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Convention expenses/savings

by frugalista on July 28, 2008

Hi! I missed everyone, but I was at the Unity Convention in Chicago. I went to workshops, receptions and parties with some of the best and brightest journalists in the country. I had a ball, but it came at a cost! Take a peek at what I spent and what I saved!

Convention costs (not on the Frugalista plan)

Registration: $375

Air Fare: $300

Parking at McCormick Place: $64

Hotel with Roommate $300

Meals at Chicago Restaurants: $125

Total: $1164

Actual Expenses (Frugalizing)

Registration $275 (filled out the paper work for a $100 stipend from The Miami Herald)

Air Fare: Mama McNeal let me use a frequent flier free airline ticket.

Parking: I didn’t spend to park at McCormick Place but I spent $36.55 for train fare

Hotel: Free! I stayed at the McNeal Bed and Breakfast a.k.a My childhood bedroom! :)

Meals: $40 I only ate out a few times. I did eat at the McNeal Bed and Breakfast and crashed many a reception for free nibbles and drinks.

Clothing: $66 I bought two dresses

Night parking: $55 Downtown Chicago parking is out of hand. ‘Nuff said.

Total: $472.55

Savings: $691.45! Yippee! Frugalista for life!

How do you think I did with expenses? Do you have any suggestions for ways I can save more next year? Was it even worth it to go to a career convention? With the economy being bad, are conventions a money drain?

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