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Delta Airlines doubling fee for second bag

by frugalista on July 31, 2008

Oh my. Delta Airlines is jacking up fees for its passengers carrying more than one bag. When will the madness end? Soon, only the elite will be able to afford a flight. Instead of charging $25 for the second bag, the airline will charge $50. For a third bag, the fee will jump from $80 to $125. Delta is blaming fuel costs. I used to love flying Delta. I mean, they will make you take a layover in Atlanta to go around the corner, but it’s still a nice flight.  Southwest Airlines, luckily, doesn’t charge a fee for the first two bags. Here is an earlier post I wrote about skirting luggage fees.
Delta has had a string of bad news this week for passengers. Poor woman.

What do you think about Delta charging high baggage fees?  Is Delta trying to stick it to the consumer? Would you stop flying Delta because of the fees? Will you stop traveling because of the high prices? Does Greyhound sound fantastic to you, now?

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