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Do you buy your clothes on sale?

by frugalista on July 11, 2008

Gabrielle_union_shopping4_2 When I buy clothes, I always buy on sale, clearance or off price. I know Marshalls and TJ Maxx like they are distant cousins.  You can find me at the back of any mall retail store, scouring for a deal. Since taking a vow of frugality, I’ve only bought about four clothing items. The items cost less than $53. I’m a big fan of wearing what’s in your closet or swapping clothes with friends. However, I found out about this site, If you tell the site what clothes/electronics/furniture/drugstore items you want to buy, it will alert you when they go on sale. Sounds neat. I may use the site if there’s a cocktail dress that I need for an event. Honestly, I am kind of out of the retail therapy business. Some of you may still shop for clothes. It may be worth a look.

Do you buy your clothes on sale? Do you think it’s better to buy from thrift stores? Would you use an online service to notify you when your favorite items are on sale? What’s the best deal you’ve gotten on a clearance clothing item?

Thanks Elizabeth for the tip.

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