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Do you tell people about your credit card debt?

by frugalista on July 9, 2008

Creditcards I got sent this article about how people are reluctant to talk about credit card debt to people they just meet. I can agree with that. I’m a little financed obsessed right now, so I probably talk about the state of my financial affairs with friends more openly. However, if I just meet you, I probably won’t give you the entire run down. If I’m dating someone, I’m sure I would want to know his credit card debt status. I would be open with mine, too. Heck, I post about my credit card  on the Frugalista Files monthly. Still, if I were at a dinner party, I would have to be really comfortable with the person I met before I give the run down. Talking about debt can be a downer, no?

Here are the most taboo topics, according to the poll:

  1. Amount of credit card debt
  2. Your love life
  3. Your salary
  4. Your mortgage, rent payment
  5. Your health
  6. The death of a loved one
  7. Your weight
  8. Your religious views
  9. Your political views
  10. Your age
  11. Gas prices
  12. The weather

Do you discuss your credit card situation to people you just meet? Is it tacky to do that?

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