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Hair Removal Costs Women $23,000

by frugalista on July 1, 2008

Women who wax will end up paying $23,000 over a lifetime on the service, according to a study sanctioned by the American Laser Centers. Women who use hair removal products will spend about $10,000 over a lifetime. Oh my! I didn’t think I was that furry. I get my eyebrows waxed but don’t worry too much about the other fur. My dark skin and dark hair almost match.

I know that the American Laser Centers has an interest in getting more people to laser off their hair permanently, so I’m not surprised by the results of the study. But honestly, if you are one of those people who shaves/waxes regularly, I can see those expenses adding up.  I’ve thought about laser hair removal.  Here’s more info on the study.

For all you South Floridians, The European Wax Center is offering free waxing for first time clients. My good friend got her eyebrows waxed there and she didn’t turn out looking like Count Dracula. They did a nice job.

In the quest of being frugal, is hair removal a necessary expense? How much do you spend on hair removal? Do you think that hair removal is expensive? How often do you shave/wax?

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