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I love cheap, I mean, affordable wine

by frugalista on July 30, 2008

Wine_glasses_2 Since my college days of buying Wild Irish Rose for my friends on their 21st birthdays, I’ve had an affinity for affordable wine. In my opinion, as long as it’s wine, you always seem a touch classier than say, gripping a 40 ounce of Olde English.  I’ve since graduated to finer alcohol (I love Patron), but I still like to keep my wine under $10. My favorite is a Schmitt Sohne Riesling. I can get it  for about $8.99 at the corner store. Works for me.

While at my journalism conference, I did some blog networking. I met the blogger from The Crushed Grape Report. I learned that she was a Frugalista, and that she wrote an awesome post on affordable wines to drink . Yay! See, that’s why I had such a great week at my journalism conference. Where else can you learn about perfecting your craft and finding affordable spirits? :)

For my spirited people, where do you buy your wine? What’s your favorite frugal wine? Are you a wine snob or a beer connoisseur? What’s the cheapest wine you bought? Are you still hungover from it?

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