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Ready for my journalism convention

by frugalista on July 21, 2008

Hello! I’m heading out to the Windy City for my journalism convention. I can’t wait! I’m signed up for video training, so expect some more webisodes to come! I got my hair professionally done but painted my nails at home. Nixing the manicure/pedicure saved me about $40. It was time for my 7-week relaxer so that expense was in my budget.
I was all ready to wear a shirt in my closet to a party Thursday night, but my friend, Greg, made it clear that I’ve been seen in that shirt a few too many times.  I tried to convince him to let me wear a black dress I have in my closet and he hated that, too. I think Facebook is bad for Frugalistas. You take photos of your life, post them online, then everyone sees your hottest gear! Meh. So I found a cute dress for $40 at TJ Maxx. I wasn’t super happy about the expense, but the dress is adorable. It’s magenta! It’s a good thing Greg got me into VIP at the party!
To save money while I’m at the convention, I’m staying with my family. Staying at home will save me about $300. I’m going to take the Metra train to the convention center. I really miss public transportation.  I packed one suitcase. The airline allows one piece of luggage to be checked in for free.  Frugalista for life!

For readers who travel to conventions, how do you manage your expenses?

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