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The cash-strapped strip, clean homes to earn $$

by frugalista on July 15, 2008

Trucker My friend Errin sent me an article about cash-strapped people who are cleaning homes, exotic dancing and working retail to make ends meet. In this down economy, people are prepared to make a dollar any way they can.  I’m concerned that a woman has to resort to stripping. Then again, the exotic dancer in the article drives an Infinity truck that costs $100 to fill up the gas tank. I would say she could sell the truck, but who is trying to buy a luxury gas guzzler in this market? Far too often, we work to pay off things, not to save. Meh! There may be a career in exotic dancing. Ask this woman.

In the article, cleaning companies say they are getting more calls from people looking for work. It’s not just  people who got laid off and need income. Many people already have jobs, but have had pay cuts or inflation (GAS) has gobbled up their discretionary funds.
I hope things get better.

Would you work a side hustle? Is there any job you wouldn’t do? What do you think about the woman working as an exotic dancer to pay the bills?

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