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Do you use a land-line phone?

by frugalista on August 1, 2008

I think I’m one of the few people left in the universe who has both a home phone and a cell phone. Something about yapping at home on a cell phone seems impersonal. I’m quirky like that. However, most of my friends have given the land lines the boot, opting to make their iPhones/Treos/Blackberries their choice of communication. Am I out of touch? How much money do you save by dropping land-line service? I got cable this year, and it came bundled with the home phone and Internet. My bill is $122 total. I wonder if I ditched the land line, would I be able to save? Probably a lot if I only talked on the computer. We’ll see. I’m still a sucka for a home phone, though. Plus, during the last big hurricane, I always had phone service. YAY!

Do you have a land line at home? Are you a cell phone junkie? How much are your bills? Do you think cell phones are dangerous? Talk to me! It’s Friday!

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