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Lil’ Wayne owes jeweler money for diamonds

by frugalista on August 14, 2008

Lilwaynebm01 Poor Weezy. Rapper Lil’ Wayne must pay a debt owed to his New Orleans jeweler. A Miami-Dade  judge  ordered Dwayne "Lil’ Wayne" Carter, 25, to pay his jeweler  $146,000 plus interest for a $138,000 diamond ring and $32,000 gold-and-diamond necklace bought in 2006. Carter sent in one payment of $24,000, according to the article. Lil’ Wayne may return the ring. Weezy is one of the hottest rappers around. I wonder who is helping him with his financial affairs? The money Lil’ Wayne owes on his bling is enough for a modest condo in South Florida in this down real estate market. Lil’ Wayne and Wyclef Jean need to talk to their accountants.

Should Lil’ Wayne return the ring to his jeweler? Does he need a better financial manager? Should jewelers make rappers put their diamonds on layaway?

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