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Parents of Olympians pay a high price

by frugalista on August 4, 2008

MSN has an awesome article online about the high price of raising a child with Olympic-caliber talent.  In China, the state sponsors athletes. Here in the United States, the athlete’s support system picks up the tab. Parents may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise an Olympian.

From the article:

For so many young athletes and their parents, reaching for an Olympic
berth is a fiscal, as well as a physical, challenge. Think about it:
coaches, clothing, housing, food, travel and baby sitters for siblings.

Some parents take out lines of credit on their homes. Others hold fund-raisers. It’s one thing to want to lavish your child with expensive parties.We know that’s wrong.

But, would you sacrifice your retirement so your child could maybe make it to the Olympics? Talk to me!

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