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What is “recession proof” in your life?

by frugalista on August 26, 2008

Greetings Frugalists! We all know that the economy is weakening and that money may be a little tighter than normal. But, there are still some things that are recession proof. For example, people aren’t giving up their wine, cigarettes or country music. Everyone needs a vice right? I guess my vice would be getting my hair professionally relaxed. No matter how hard times get, I won’t become a kitchen beautician, relaxing my locks at home. I don’t trust my hair styling savvy and I need someone to sue if my hair gets burned out! I’ve had major hair breakage before, and I ain’t going back! Real talk. So, I know most everyone who reads this blog is frugalistic, but I KNOW there are some guilty pleasures you won’t deny. Tell me!

What in your life do you refuse to give up, even though the economy is pillow soft? What’s your vice? We all have one…or two *chortle.*


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