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Wyclef Jean sued for $319,000 worth of jewelry

by frugalista on August 2, 2008

Aw Wyclef. What’s going on? Jacob the Jeweler, the man known for the over-the-top bling he peddles to the stars, says ‘Clef owes him some loot.

From the Associated Press:

Jacob and Company
Incorporated says in Manhattan court papers filed Tuesday that the
hip-hop star bought several items between March 2002 and January 2006
for $765,100. The company says Jean still owes $319,680, despite
"repeated demands for payment.”

Yikes! always considered Wyclef a poor righteous teacher. I’m surprised that Wyclef would not pay for his watches. I didn’t even know he was into bling like that. 50 Cent/Nelly, for sure. But Mr. International? Is he helping out his family in Haiti?  That food crisis is no joke. Can Angelina Jolie run him a loan?

Has the economy impacted Wyclef Jean’s finances? Is Jacob the Jeweler just upset that he’s serving  2½ years
in federal prison for lying to investigators of a multi-state drug ring?  If you were rich, would you buy $765,100 worth of jewelry?


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