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Business suit you can clean in the shower

by frugalista on September 25, 2008

A shower suit is a business suit you can clean in the shower and it’s all the rage in Japan. The
suit can be sprayed in a warm shower for three to four minutes and drip
dries within a few hours at room temperature. If hung properly, no
ironing is needed.

the Japanese company that sells the suit, has more than 300 stores and
is targeting job-hunting students and young business people who live

Talk about saving on a dry clean bill!. I rarely dry clean anymore. This may be just what a frugalista needs.

Would you trust a suit you can clean in the shower? Do you dry clean? Are you a washing machine queen? Is a shower clean suit frugal genius or just freaky? Dude in the picture is kinda stylin’!

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