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Do men and women handle money differently?

by frugalista on September 5, 2008

Gender The Frugalista Files is doing a two-part series on Men, Women and Money. The second installment is coming on Monday.

I’ve always wondered if men and women view money differently. Well, a new study from investment house Charles Schwab has some interesting findings:

*Fifty-one percent of men, compared to 41 percent of women, say they are actively prepared for retirement

* Women worry more than men about supporting their parents financially, with 12 percent saying it is a serious concern versus 7 percent of men

* Men, however, worry more than women about supporting their siblings financially, with 29 percent of men saying they are concerned about supporting siblings in retirement versus 25 percent of women.

I think this survey pretty much nailed it. I know that I am preparing for retirement, but I have to get more aggressive. I know that I most certainly would worry about making sure my mother is supported financially.  And I NEVER worry about supporting my brother. Heck, he gives me nice birthday gifts. I’m not giving that up! I like big bro hook ups. :)

Do men and women think differently about cash? If they do, in what ways? What have you noticed?  Stay tuned for Monday. We will talk about romance and finance. :)

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