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Gas stations charge more if you use credit cards

by frugalista on September 4, 2008

Buyers beware! Some gas stations owners are charging a higher rate for those who use credit cards to pay at the pump. They don’t want to pay the processing fees.  My coworker Emily ran into this problem recently.

Here’s what she wrote in an email:

When I pulled into the Miami Shores Chevron this morning thinking
I would be paying the advertised $3.75 gallon for regular unleaded, I
ended up paying $3.81 because I was using my credit card and not paying
cash or using a Chevron card!

There is a small sign taped loosely to the pump explaining the
price difference (for those of us already pumping away!) and there is a
VERY small sign dangling underneath the big sign on the side of the
road saying prices shown are for cash and Chevron credit cards…

Not everyone carries $50 to $60 in cash. The poor folks with SUVs may pay $100 to fill up their tanks. I’m a little vexed that there are two prices that may not be obvious to customers. I feel bad for the business owners, but I hope they make the price changes clear.  If I were Emily, I would feel a little hoodwinked, too.

Have you noticed two prices for gas? Do you think it’s shady to advertise one price, then later say it’s just for those who pay in cash?

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