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How to Recession Proof Your Love Life

by frugalista on September 8, 2008

Happy Monday! We have part two of the Men, Women and Money series. Our favorite website owner, Tasha of, is back with some tips on how to deal with your money and relationships in this weak economy. Indeed, it’s one thing to frugalize alone, but when you’re in a relationship, you have to consider your partner. This is not Tasha’s first appearance on The Frugalista Files. Let’s just say that her last visit was spirited! Here’s to Love and Happiness!


How to Recession Proof Your Love Life

1. Show each other the money  "In
romantic relationships, communication is key," said Tasha Cunningham, a
leading dating expert and creator of "Talk about
your current financial situation with your significant other. Painting
a realistic picture and giving your significant other a clear picture
of where you are financially will set the stage for you both to work
together to recession-proof your relationship."


2. Share the pain  Talk
to your significant other about any concerns, fears or thoughts you
might have about your finances. Having an open and honest discussion
about how the recession is affecting your lives is a way to bring you
both closer in a time of adversity.


3. Give up the goods  "Cut
back on dinners out and cook together at home instead. Figure out where
in your budget you both can cut. If you cut your spending together,
it’s a lot less painful and actually can bring you both closer
together," Cunningham said.


4. Go date-free and still have fun "Plan
dates with your sweetheart that don’t cost a thing. There are tons of
fabulous things you can do together for free," said Sonia Torretto, a contributor and author of the book Men Should Come With Warning Labels.
Torretto suggests taking a bath with lots of bubbles together and then
give each other foot massages or packing a little picnic or snack and
watching the sunrise together after work.


5. Don’t fight over money  A recession can put a choke hold on anyone’s finances. The worst
thing you can do is fight with each other over money. Instead,
brainstorm with each and come up with a plan to save money.


6. Don’t hide money from your partner  "Hiding
assets or debt from your partner or keeping a secret bank account is
financial infidelity," Cunningham said. "And it comes with dire
consequences to a relationship. Be honest with your partner about both
the money and the debt you have."


7. Book a lavish vacation  Make a goal together that you plan to achieve once the hard times are
over. For instance, when the recession is a thing of the past, make a
commitment to jet off to Jamaica for a weekend. "When you do this," Cunningham said, "You’ll both have something to look forward to and work toward."


8. Challenge each other to save
Make saving fun by challenging each other to come up with new ways to
keep money in your pockets instead of spending it. The winner gets a
prize from the losing partner.


9. Do things for a dollar  "Check out a dollar movie theater," said Torretto, "Or hit a dollar store together for fun."


10. Retrain your brains
Cutting back on the things you both love isn’t easy. But both
Cunningham and Torretto agree, if you make a pact and stick to it, it’s
going to make your relationship grow!


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