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Shared financial goals are the key to wedded bliss

by frugalista on September 15, 2008

The New York Times ran this article recently on how it’s beneficial to find your financial soulmate. It’s the key to wedded bliss. One of the experts in the article says that you and your spouse should sit down once a week and talk about money.

From the article:

Today, while most of us marry for romantic reasons, marriage at its core is
still a financial union. So much of what we want — or don’t want — out of life
boils down to dollars and cents, whether it’s how hard we choose to work, how
much we consume or how much we save. For some people, it’s working 80-hour weeks
to finance a third home and country club membership; for others, it means
cutting back on office hours to spend more time with the family.

I found this article very interesting. Money has a way of shaping everything in our lives. I cut my travel drastically this year because I’m doing the frugalista thing. My bank account is thanking me for it! If I were in relationship with someone who valued traveling, I’m sure he and I would be butting heads right now.  How many people remember their parents having beef over money? I’m sure quite a few do, especially if their parents are divorced.

Is marriage a financial institution? Should money trump love?  Can you have romance without stable finance? Do you and your spouse discuss financial goals often? If you are single, like me, how much do you want to know about a mate’s finances before you take him/her seriously?

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