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Sin City feeling the pain of the bad economy

by frugalista on September 29, 2008

Casinos are getting crappy revenue in this soft economy. I never thought gambling would suffer. If that’s not recession proof, what is anymore?  What are people doing for their bachelor and bachelorette parties?
According to the NY Post article:

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are suffering as they sit in the midst
of a perfect storm. Many of the high rollers from Asia who had fueled
big receipts at the major casinos have disappeared. They have started
to feel the pinch as their once-raging Asian economies are now
suffering major setbacks as economic slowdowns have brought their stock
markets down to two-year lows…

 High gas prices also contributed to the downturn in Atlantic City
and Las Vegas. The cost of filling up the tank was just too much for
many gamblers who chose to stay home instead. The decrease in flights
to and from Las Vegas also hurt the usually bustling gaming town.

It’s like the multiplier effect.

Do you gamble? Have you been to Sin City? Have you cut back your travel because of the economy?

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