Cash strapped man does jail time for brown lawn | The Frugalista

Cash strapped man does jail time for brown lawn

by frugalista on October 16, 2008

Gracious! The St. Petersburg Times ran a story about a man who can’t afford to resod his lawn  and got tossed in jail. His home owner’s association is mad that his lawn is brown. The man had an adjustable rate mortgage on his home and had to pay an extra $600 a month just to keep his house. His car got repossessed because he is so broke. He’s so broke that  he can’t afford to manicure his lawn. Now, he’s doing time in the slammer for his negligence. Brown lawns are not allowed by his HOA.

Do you live in a community with a home owner’s association? What do you think about the article? Do you think it’s wrong that this man is in jail for having a bad lawn? Do you think it’s his fault for having a bad mortgage that he couldn’t afford?

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