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Cosmetic surgery down as economy tanks

by frugalista on October 23, 2008

People are stepping away from the knife and cutting back on plastic surgery. I have noticed tons of specials on breast and liposuction procedures. My own dermatologist is running a juvederm and botox special.  I secretly suspect that people were taking out second mortgages on their homes to pay for tummy tucks or breast enhancements. Now that the housing market has tanked, there’s no more easy cash to get  "work done." Also, a lot of the people who work at plastic surgery centers have had "work done" and are employed there to pay off their personal surgeries. I hope those workers don’t get laid off. They will be without a job and indebted to their former employer to pay off their liposuction!

What do you think about people cutting back on plastic surgery? Is it at good thing?  Have you had work done? Would you get work done?

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