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Five ways to relieve stress

by frugalista on October 21, 2008

Good morning! With the unstable economy, a lot of Americans are having anxiety problems. I say we should find ways to manage our worries and alleviate stress. Here is what I do when I get super stressed:

1) Take long bath at night. I am a big fan of lavender scents. Lavender is great for easing your mind. A great soak in the tub leaves me feeling renewed, like I washed away my problems.
2)Watch reality tv. A good old train wreck of a a reality show makes me feel great about my life. You get to compare your circumstances to the "scripted drama." I bet you would prefer your life any day.
3)Stop talking to grouches. I step away from my well meaning but McGrouchy friends. Some folks are just gloomy. I do believe there’s gloom in the world, but when I’m stressed out, I can’t tackle life’s ills. I can only work on my concerns.
4)Talk to encouraging people. I have a crew of people who are really positive. We don’t talk everyday, but when I need a jolt of confidence, they ALWAYS deliver.
5) Find solutions. I know that may sound strange, but when I have a problem, I find solace in finding a solution to it. I am a great "deal maker." I love it when I find a workable solution to whatever bothers me. It makes me feel smart. I didn’t go to my college’s homecoming this year because of finances, so I just wrote a freelance story about college homecomings. After writing the story, a lot of my college friends reached out. It was a workable solution for me and increased my visibility as a writer.

How do you relieve stress? Do you work out?  Talk to people? Talk to me!

Thanks GLM!

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