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Is a bad economy good for your health?

by frugalista on October 20, 2008

I would assume that a bad economy would be bad for your health. If you are lucky enough to have a job, you may be asked to do "more with less" if positions aren’t being filled when coworkers leave.Or you may be stressed because you are worrying about lay offs at your work place. If you are watching your retirement savings dwindle, that may be stressful. But this New York Times articles says that there are some health benefits from a shoddy economy.

From the article:

But whether the current economic slump will take a toll on your own
health depends, in part, on your health habits when times are good. And
economic studies suggest that people tend not to take care of
themselves in boom times — drinking too much (especially before
driving), dining on fat-laden restaurant meals and skipping exercise
and doctors’ appointments because of work-related time commitments.

value of time is higher during good economic times,” said Grant Miller,
an assistant professor of medicine at Stanford. “So people work more
and do less of the things that are good for them, like cooking at home
and exercising; and people experience more stress due to the rigors of hard work during booms.”

Hmm, I guess it’s a mixed bag.  I guess people are living the simpler life, which can work. But if they are being overworked…

How do you feel during this economy? Are you more stressed? Are you gaining or losing weight? Are you stressed? Or are you pampering yourself more? 

Tomorrow, I’m going to post on ways to relieve stress if you are stressed.

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