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Jay Z is cashed-out in London

by frugalista on October 12, 2008

No club is willing to pay Jay Z’s $43,000 fee to host at a club in London. The Jiggaman is across the pond for the Miami Heat v. New Jersey Nets game. The clubs in London couldn’t afford his fee, and he even offered the clubs a  lower fee of $13,000 to show his pretty face. *sigh* It’s the economy, Hova. It’s the economy. Or, maybe it’s that $5 million sparkler that he put on Beyonce’s left ring finger that has him cash strapped. You go, Beyonce!

How much should clubs pay multimillionaire Jay Z to host a club event ? Is he just greedy?  Is Beyonce bankrupting him? Those sequins she wears aren’t cheap!

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