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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

by frugalista on October 15, 2008

Are you watching Bravo’s the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality show? It chronicles a group of friends living in Atlanta’s suburbs.

Here are the housewives:

DeShawn is the wife of NBA player Eric Snow. They built an estate and DeShawn is looking for a staff to take care of her sprawling abode. DeShawn’s husband is gone six days out of the week during NBA season, leaving DeShawn to raise their three energetic sons.

Kim has an undercover boyfriend named "Big Papa" who puts money in her account to buy what she wants. She dropped $68,000 on a Cadillac Escalade like she was buying a shirt from The Gap. Kim loves labels. If I die, I want to die wearing Dior, she says.

Sheree is going through a long divorce battle to former NFL player Bob Whitfield. She wants seven figures out of the divorce deal.

Nene is married to an entrepreneur. She says she’s part of Atlanta’s elite class and that she doesn’t try to keep up with others in lifestyle. Other people try to keep up with her! Nene is very loud. Her son said that she sometimes embarrasses him.

Lisa is married to former NFL player Ed Hartwell. She has several businesses and an infant son. Hartwell recently got injured, so he’s trying to get back in the league.

Boy, these women CAN SPEND! Kim bought her 11-year-old daughter a $1,600 LV bag for her birthday. The Hartwells have a bowling alley in their home. Sheree has an entourage which includes a shoe guy who brings Dolce & Gabbana heels to her house. DeShawn needs a governess to manage her life.

Part of me thinks that if you marry well, you should be able to have the creature comforts in life. But another part of me wonders if some of these women are financially fragile

I’m a little worried about Kim’s spending. She’s a single parent who’s dating a guy who bankrolls her. She may get child support, but I wonder will she be able to keep up her lifestyle if BIg Papa gets missing?  Sheree is a fashionable woman, but with the divorce her quality of life may go down, no? Will she be able to floss so much?  Hopefully, Ed Hartwell can make it back in the league. He once had an eight-figure contract with the Atlanta Falcons. If he can’t get back in the NFL, can Lisa keep the home bowling alley?

Do you watch the show? Do you think the women are too materialistic? Is it just good TV? Who on the show is the best candidate for foreclosure? Who is your favorite housewife?  I think I like Nene.

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