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What would you do with $15?

by frugalista on October 13, 2008

Last week, my friend, Brent, took me out to lunch at the Seminole Hardrock.  When we were walking out of the casino, we ran into some promoters offering $15 to test drive a Ford Flex.

My eyes lit up. We got to ride in the nice CUV and got $15 gift cards. I was very thankful for the loot. Fifteen dollars would pay for an eyebrow waxing, a manicure or a meal at a Cuban restaurant. Instead of splurging, I spent the money at  Publix (sexy, right?) and bought some fruit, vegetables, tomato sauce, soy milk and nuts. I wanted to cook a big vat of spaghetti, so I needed some more ingredients. I’m such a bore, right? The tab was $15.24.

What would you do with $15? Have you ever gotten money from a street promotion? What did you spend it on?

BTW, that Ford Flex rides likes a dream. It’s just too big for my needs. I don’t have kids!

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