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Lower your grocery bill with the right strategy

by frugalista on November 10, 2008

Hello! I trust you had a great weekend! So, I talked to a college friend of mine the other day. She has a family of four and her grocery bill is $150 per week. I can only imagine. My grocery bill could be lower too. I talked to Mama McNeal (who raised a family of four) about what my friend should do. Her advice? Shop strategically. Saving on groceries isn’t so much about what you buy as HOW you buy. Here are my mom’s tips:

1) Don’t buy your goods at eye level on the grocery store shelves. The food that is above/below eye level is cheaper
2) Buy your meat in bulk and just freeze the unused portions
3) Buy fruits that are in season because they are cheaper
4) Don’t buy bagged salad. Make it yourself
5 Use coupons. (Coupon’s scare me, but Mom’s a big fan.)
6) Wednesday or Thursday papers have the best weekend sales
7) Become a fan of buy one get one free items (I do that for my seasonings and bread.)
9) Plan your menu for the week before you go shopping
10) Don’t take hungry children with you (I guess my brother and I drove her crazy at the store with the requests)

Here’s another link I found about strategic grocery shopping.

What is your strategy for grocery shopping? How much do you think you save?

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