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Product Review: The Peek

by frugalista on November 26, 2008

Peek I’ve been asked to review the Peek, a new email device on the electronic scene. The peek is mainly for email, but it does have some texting ability. I tried out the device for longer than a week and here’s my report:

The YAY: It’s adorable! I took it took an urban happy hour in downtown Miami and when I whipped it out, people wanted to know more about it. It’s so slim and fit in my handbang with no feeling of extra bulk. Because it’s mainly for email,  it’s extremely easy to use. Whenever you get an email, it alerts you with a nice vibration and "womp womp" sound. I condensed three of my email accounts onto the Peek was able to check out who was emailing me in one place. Also, I took the Peek on a flight. Although I didn’t get new messages, I was able to check emails already registered in the device from a mile high. Also, there isn’t a contract to pay for the monthly service, which is tre cool.

The MEH: I wanted more. Although the device is not marketed to the techies, I would have liked for my emails to register sooner on the device. From the time my email registered on my PC to when it showed up on the Peek was a 20-minute delay. If all the device does is email, then it should do it just as well or better than the rest. It only allowed for me to register three email accounts. I have more than 10.

The SUGGESTION: The Peek is running about $80 to buy with a monthly charge of about $20 per month.  I would consider the Peek as a gift for a friend or family member who forgets to check their emails. It’s a good way to get people to be more email friendly. I would love for the Peek to offer like 10 email accounts that you can check and quicker email service. I could see this device becoming very popular among bloggers and people who thrive on smart phones. Sometimes I get sick of my smart phone, but I rarely get sick of my email.

Would you buy an email-only device?

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