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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

by frugalista on November 19, 2008

Hello! So, last night was the season finale of my guilty pleasure, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. To say that the series was over-the-top would be an understatement. Cat fights, fashion wars and financial competition were common themes. On the good side, all of the women seemed to be focused on following their dreams such as building their charities or pursuing their creative talents. I blogged about them before, so I wanted to follow up .

Financial updates:

Deshawn Snow: I learned that her hubby Cleveland Cavalier Eric Snow got injured and after more than 10 years in the league and is going into retirement. The couple has just bought a big old estate (yes, it has a hair salon inside) in the suburbs of Atlanta, and Mrs. Snow is not worried about a dime. She says they prepared for the day when her NBA player hubby would have to retire. She’ll be cutting back a bit (no more Mercedes lease) but the family will be fine. Team SNOW! I love to hear about a family planning for the future. I really liked getting to know about her family dynamics this episode.

Lisa Hartwell: She’s married to  Ed Hartwell, who had a fat eight-figure contract with the Atlanta Falcons before getting injured.  He spent the majority of the show in rehab, so he could get picked up by an NFL team. Ed got his wish when the Oakland Raiders picked him up. Lisa has about 3,000 businesses she runs, so when she found out her rehabbing husband got picked up by the Oakland Raiders, she was less than enthused. Lisa thought Oakland was too far and that football is too brutal of a sport. Another part of me thinks that Ed is her #1 employee and she hated the thought of having to hire help. Lisa forever had poor Ed working in the kitchen beading necklaces for her jewelry line.  Beading necklaces/football, it’s all manual labor, Lisa! Ed ends up not lasting long in Oakland, and I guess that’s just fine. Ed seems like a smart guy. He has a bright future ahead of him, and his wife will keep him employed!

Kim Zolciak: Kim is the "housewife" who dated a man dubbed, "Big Papa." The man is never seen but always buys her expensive gifts. I know Kim talked about having a singing career, but she hasn’t recorded an album. I have no idea how she pays her bills, other than by getting support from Big Papa. I hope she gets child support from her daughters’ father. Big Papa breaks up with Kim, we learn. Something about Big Papa makes me think he’s a married man. Just a hunch!

NeNe Leakes: NeNe is seen buying her son a $42,000 truck. Gracious! She didn’t seem extravagant with the spending during the season, so I guess it’s a worthwhile purchase for her family. Her son has just graduated from high school and got good grades. Nice mom!

Sheree Whitfield: Sheree started a fashion line, but it has not done well. The clothing samples are horrible and her staffers stink. Mychael Knight, one of the finalists from Project Runway plays fairy godfather and offers Sheree some business advice: KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRODUCT! High five, Mychael! Sheree seems to pride herself on having handlers to jump to her every whim. The only thing is that her "help" always does a horrible job. They take her money and have her looking like a jerk at every event. She had no clothes to show at her fashion line viewing because the seamstress botched the samples. I could sew better clothes than Sheree’s seamstress, and I don’t know how to hem!

I digress.

Did you watch the show? What did you think? Do you think these ladies are handling financial business? Who is your favorite?

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