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College women using sugar daddies to pay bills

by frugalista on December 3, 2008

Gracious! posted about a college woman with a male benefactor who pays her lavish bills.  He is her "sugar daddy." The woman will be the man’s girlfriend as long as he gives her cash.  The politically correct term is "mutually beneficial arrangement." There are websites dedicated to this, which I won’t be posting here.

This sounds a little risky. I know tuition is out of control, but what if you hate the guy? And what do you REALLY have to do for the money? I like gifts like the next woman, but these arrangements seem a little forced. Why can’t it happen naturally? If you meet a guy who you think is great and he chooses to spoil you, then awesome. Being a kept woman is not the most stable career. Work-study is an option for college girls, too. I wrote for my college paper for $138 every two weeks and look how I turned out! 😉

What do you think about young women seeking sugar daddies? Have you ever had one or known someone who has one? Do you think these "sugar babes" are business women?

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