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NY Times names Frugalista a buzz word for 2008

by frugalista on December 24, 2008

The New York Times’ reporters are such wordsmiths! The alpha paper named "frugalista" one of the top buzzwords of the year.

Says the paper:
Frugalista is a person who is frugal but fashionable.

Of course! I need to become a modeling agent and book all of this blog’s readers! Swagger abounds!

I’m overjoyed that people are really getting the frugalista philosophy. It’s a hot word but shouldn’t be considered trendy. We are rolling the frugalista lifestyle right into 2009 and beyond!

Have a great Christmas Eve,

*If you are wondering why I have an afro in that picture, I went to a 70s party recently. I spent $20 on the wig, which is reusable. The rest of the stuff is from my closet. SHAZAAM! Foxxy Cleopatra watch out! Foxxy Frugalista is on the prowl!

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