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Recession declared

by frugalista on December 2, 2008

Hi Frugalistas! So, it’s official; we are in a recession. For some reason, I don’t feel like Monday’s recession announcement was a news flash. This economy has been less than fun for quite a bit and I feel like a lot of our leaders have been in denial. I’ve been on team frugalista for the majority of 2008, anyway. As always, we frugalistas are the trend setters. :) Free parties, cheap wine, less retail and more cooking. It’s a good life. Tell the economists about that!

To honor the recession "news" you should:

*Call your credit card company and ask for a lower rate because you just might get it

*Cook a fab new meal that you’ve been wanting to try out in the kitchen

*Try out a new hairstyle at home. I found some barrettes in my jewelry box and I want to try wearing my bangs pulled back with the sides down. J.Lo used to wear her hair like that, and I always liked it.

*Find a freelance gig. If you are a journalist, write an article on the side. If you have web designing skills, try to drum up some business. If you are patient with pets, try dog walking for extra income. Instead of Christmas shopping, work at a store for the holidays. 

What do you think about the recession "news."

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