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Short on Cash? Sell your body!

by frugalista on December 15, 2008

Hello, my pretties! This "boo hiss" economy is making people sell their bodies. I mean, not in the prostitute  way, but people are selling hair, sperm, eggs and blood plasma. Pretty much, anything is fair game. The extra money is going toward mortgages, groceries and electric bills.

Here is a price list:

Fertile egg: $7,000
Blood plasma: $40
Inches of hair: $150
Shot of sperm: $60 to $100

Clearly, selling your egg is the jackpot. I posted on that a while ago. I think $150 is a wee low for your luscious locks. But then again, I’m vain like that!

Would you sell your body? What part of it? What price would you put on your eggs? Your sperm? Your hair?

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