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The Fashion Frugalista: Luxury Sales

by frugalista on December 10, 2008

Hello, my Fashion Frugalistas! The New York Times has this interesting article about luxury goods on discount. Saks Fifth Avenue and other stores are slashing prices on Marc Jacobs’ bags and other designer labels. For instance, a Valentino dress was marked  down 70 percent. These items were once coveted;now, they are being avoided by consumers.  It’s like all the cache of these brands is gone. The high-end stores are in "blue-light special" mode.

Now that designer goods are on sale, are you more likely to want to purchase them? Do you think that now that the luxury goods aren’t selling well, it’s not worth it to purchase them? Do you own any designer labels? Have you noticed any great sales? Is this a good thing that designers are being slayed?

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