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Tips for an affordable New Year’s Eve

by frugalista on December 30, 2008

The Wall Street Journal has an article about businesses having a hard time packing the house on New Year’s Eve. I am not shocked! We all know that like the Superbowl, New Year’s Eve festivities can break the bank account. I mean, The Roots music group is going to be in Miami for New Year’s Eve. Of course I’d love to go, but I don’t have $350 for one night of hearing a band play!  I can fly to Philly round trip and catch The Roots at a South Street bar for less! Luckily, a lot of places are cutting their prices because of the weak economy. The time is now if you want to barter for a better price at the door of an establishment. Some of these clubs/restaurants/hotels are holding New Year’s Eve fire sales!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for New Year’s Eve. A part of me would be very happy to stay home. I stayed in the house on Christmas and felt very content.

Some affordable ways to do New Year’s:
1) Visit a house of worship. (Be sure not to get sentimental and leave too much money in the offering plate)
2) Go to a friend’s house. Bring some wine or a dish.
3) Stay home and watch the countdown shows
4) Go to a free party if you hear of one
5) NO NEW DRESSES! Reuse that holiday dress you bought. CLOSET SHOP!

How are you spending Dec. 31?

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