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72-year-old retires from McDonald’s after winning lottery

by frugalista on January 23, 2009

A Georgia senior citizen is able to retire after almost 40 years of working at McDonald's. Her retirement cushion? Winning the lottery! On Dec. 14, she won $750,000 in a Georgia State scratch-off game! Yay!  But yikes! Isn't it horrible that you can work a steady job and you still can't afford to retire as a senior citizen? What are the odds of winning the lottery?

I love going to CNN.com"s money section for info on retirement savings. It makes me feel better about the future.

Do you play the lottery? Is it a waste of money? Isn't it great that this hard-working woman gets to finally rest her feet? What do you think about the lottery retirement plan? It seems a little risky, no?

Have a great and frugal weekend!

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