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Bloggers doing No-Buy Month

by frugalista on January 28, 2009

Hello! So, I let you all know yesterday about my No Buy Month challenge I'm going a month without eating out, getting my hair or nails done. And I'm not paying for entertainment, either. Some brave bloggers have stepped up to the challenge so I want to give them some love. If you are a blogger who wants to do the No Buy Month, let me know, and I'll add you!

No Buy Month Blog Roll

Afrobella– Patrice is a personal friend and beauty blogger extraordinaire. But can she step away from Sephora long enough to save a buck?

The Non-Consumer Advocate– Katy is the least wasteful person I know. But will the thrill of finding a great buy at Goodwill be too much? Can she step away from the thrift?

That Black Girl Site– Corynne is a pop culture expert who is a sucker for a good award show. But if she sees Taraji Henson in an awesome ball gown Oscar night, will she break down and go shopping?

Converting a Spendthrift-  This Southern Belle is paying off her debts. But will the lure of retail be too strong?

The Ramen Life: Maveth is on team No Buy. Yay!  Can a blogger live on Ramen noodles alone?

 Let's show these bloggers some love and support. Any other bloggers ready for the challenge?

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