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Bring Back Thrift Week

by frugalista on January 22, 2009

 Hello Frugalistas! Forgive me for the past few days. I went to Washington, D.C. to witness the inauguration of Barack Obama and First Lady Frugalista Michelle Obama (I love a woman who mixes J. Crew gloves and Jimmy Choo shoes) and it was remarkable. I'm still processing everything and thawing from the cold. So, I wanted to let you all know that this week is Bring Back Thrift Week

A little history:

In 1916, with the First World War looming imminently on the horizon, the leaders of America's major civic organizations launched an ambitious education campaign designed to ready the American public for a wartime economy. Dubbed "National Thrift Week" and sponsored primarily by the Young Men's Christian Association (Y.M.C.A.), the campaign became a recurring celebration, beginning each year on January 17, in honor of the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, the "American apostle of thrift."

Yay! Who knew that Benjamin Franklin was a frugalista? See, I knew we were in good company! Also, there's a book that I'm reading: Thrift: A Cyclopedia by David Blankenhorn. Here's more info if you want to purchase it. Or, you could check it out from the library. So frugalista of me!

In honor of "National Thrift Week" I have some buttons that I will mail out to the first five people who email me at asking for one.Please email me your address. I can only mail to U.S. addresses.

Are you thrifty and nifty?  Is thrift the new black? If Ben Franklin were here, would he read The Frugalista Files? I wonder if he would be excited about the giveaway? :)

Happy Thrifting!

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