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How to escape law school debt

by frugalista on January 26, 2009

Greetings! I ran across an article on about how to escape the law-school debt trap and have a career in public interest law.  According to the article, lawyers working in nonprofits earn $35,000 less than corporate attorneys. Yikes! That's a year's salary for many journalists!

For some reason, most of my BFFs in Miami are attorneys or they are married to attorneys, so I feel like I have a front-seat view of law school debts. . Also, I've written about how prosecutors have lobbied the Florida's Legislature for  programs that pay back loans for government attorneys, to no avail. Many of my friends have deferred their law loans, so the debts are
looming and they know when exactly when they will have to start repaying.

Many law students are averse to becoming prosecutors or other government attorneys because pay isn't  sexy. If you have six-figure debt, taking a corporate job makes financial sense. Corporations can get the best because they pay the most. However, I want the best attorneys working as prosecutors and public defenders. 

Anyhow, check out the article and tell me what you think about the suggestions given on how to be a nonprofit attorney, love your job and pay your bills. 

Do you think more states should have programs that repay the student loans of government attorneys? Should the attorneys work in a corporation and then try to work for the government? Do you think our justice system is suffering by not having having attorneys who want to make a career out of public-interest law?

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