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Serena Williams is a Frugalista

by frugalista on January 22, 2009

Yes, add another one to the bunch! Tennis champ Serena Williams has taken a vow of frugality!  I mean, she's rocking a $12 American Apparel bag these days! If a multi-millionaire like Williams can rock an American Apparel bag, there is no need for us to break the bank for a Gucci. Now, if you can afford one and want one, have at it. But no sense in running up the credit cards for the next it bag. Williams sure isn't!

This is what Williams told the reporter:

"I really cut back, you know. I don't know if it's because it's everywhere in the media, the financial crisis, but it's low tide for me. I'm not out there buying crazy things.

"I've always been kind of been conservative, but we'll see. It's never
going to be too much toned down, but I'm not going out there just
throwing my dollar bills everywhere."

Yay, Serena! I wonder if she will bring BFF Kelly Rowland into the frugalista mix? I hear Kelly has a shoe fetish that is out of control! Does anyone know if she is dating rapper Common? Smart, athletic and fiscally responsible! Go Serena! Go!

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