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The Ultimate Cheapskate

by frugalista on January 2, 2009

Roy Haynes says he’s a major cheapskate who "resists the call of the mall." I saw his ABC segment and I was flabbergasted. Haynes assembled a home gym out of discarded items. He really doesn’t work. He refurbishes and sells stuff he gathers along his journey.  He splits his toilet paper. EWWWWW. He *GASP* refuses to buy newspapers, opting to read newspapers discarded by others. Wait, a lot of people are doing that now. :( 
On the good side, he’s gotten free iPods, bluetooths and other coveted items from his thrifty ways. People love to throw out perfectly good things.

I don’t know. I like that Haynes lives the simple life. But why rage against toilet paper?  I posted on another cheapskate, Jeff Yeager, who calls himself "The Ultimate Cheapskate".

I’m thinking that Haynes makes Yeager seem like Donald Trump when it comes to spending!

What do you think about Haynes? Do you know anyone like this? If so, I bet they are secretly rich!  How cheap will you go? I think malls are overrated, but is it too much to use two-ply paper?

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