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Frugalista does No-Buy Month: Getting into the groove!

by frugalista on February 3, 2009

How are you! I'm feeling great. I did hip-hop aerobics last night and spin this morning, so you know I'm all energized. I feel a closet cleaning or a paper purging coming on! Yep, the good thing about No-Buy Month  is that you develop a need to organize and throw out. Maybe it's because you don't have any new toys like electronics to keep you occupied. I'm actually looking forward to tossing stuff out of my apartment and donating to Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

I'm going to be on That Black Girl Radio Show at 1 p.m. est. today to talk about No-Buy Month. Corynne Corbett, owner of The Black Girl Site, is going to grill me! I can't wait. She's cutting back this month, too!

Also, check out this post from blogger, Afrobella. She's doing big things, as always, in the blogging world. She just redesigned her site. She's working out, AND she's doing No-Buy Month! When I was just a babe-in-blogging, Patrice took me under her e-wing and, well, look where we are now! Yay!

How is No-Buy Month working out for you? Did you go to Denny's to get a free breakfast? I don't normally eat at Denny's, plus I would have to leave a tip, and I'm not approved to leave tips at restaurants.

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