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Frugalista’s No-Buy Month: No Fear Edition

by frugalista on February 2, 2009

Some people are saying that they are afraid to do No-Buy Month with me. What's scary about taking one month out of 12 to keep money in your pocket? We spend money, constantly. Even the most frugal people must spend money on food, clothing and shelter. I look at No-Buy Month as a 28-day treat. I get to spend the month watching my bank account stabilize or grow. I get to spend a month without waiting in long lines at the hair salon or mall. Yes, I love a good manicure and pedicure, but sometimes cuticle clipping is painful! This month is the one month you get to pamper your finances. Bank accounts need love, too!

Yesterday, most of my friends attended a Super Bowl party with a $10 cover. Paying that $10 cover plus drinks would have made the evening a $20-$30 affair if I had attended. Instead, I
hung out on my couch with a nice bottle of Beringer Moscato from
Albertson's grocery store. The wine
was only $5.99. A glass at the club can run $8.  I still have wine left over for the rest of the week.

Please don't say you are afraid to do No-Buy Month. Be more afraid of your finances if you don't.

How did you spend the day yesterday? How is it going? Did you run into any pitfalls? Did you handle No-Buy Month like a pro?

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